In 2010 NOMAD RSI set up a local organization called Mondulkiri Indigenous People’s Association for Development (MIPAD).

Since 1997, NOMAD RSI has been working in the domain of international health, encouraging therapeutic diversity and the protection of the environment. Health problems are approached in their multiple biological, social, environmental and economic dimensions. The organisation supports a range of therapeutic forms, each of which brings a different response and a different remedy for people who are, or who feel themselves to be, suffering. From this realisation, the idea of a reasoned medical pluralism is born, in which medical systems of many kinds, including biomedicine, can independently find their place.

The organisation’s projects are principally conducted in the South and largely involve disadvantaged, minority communities. NOMAD RSI is committed to the development of therapeutic systems and to the sustainable utilisation of therapeutic natural resources. Most projects aim to address the social inequalities shaping healthcare access and, in the case of ‘traditional’ medicine, to preserve local culture. In addition, NOMAD RSI supports and conducts various activities in Europe, so as to bring global (and local) health and environmental issues into the spotlight.

Today MIPAD operates throughout Mondulkiri in 5 districts in (Kao Seima, O Raing, Pichreada, Koh Niek and Senmonorom). Since MIPAD was developed till the end of 2015, it’s been supported and advised by NOMAD RSI.

The remain budget, projects, assets and staff of NOMAD RIS are handed over to Mipad. NOMAD RSI office in Cambodia was completely closed on June 2016.

Nomad RSI Cambodia

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