mipad_logo_final_excludingkhmername-smallMondulkiri Indigenous People’s Association for Development (MIPAD) is a local member based federated association (CBOs) of ethnic minority people in Mondulkiri.

It is a local organization developed by Nomad RSI (Nomad Recherche et Soutien International ) since 2010.

MIPAD operates throughout Mondulkiri in 5 districts in (Kao Seima, O Raing, Pichreada, Koh Niek and Senmonorom).


We promote confidence, skills, knowledge and means within indigenous communities of women, men and children, to effectively and equitably participate in decision making to choose their own futures, especially to ensure that they have access to education, information and opportunities to improve their basic health and livelihoods.

With partial support from NOMAD RSI, Mipad is implementing 5 projects in 2016:

1) Indigenous People Communities’ Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in Mondulkiri (IP-CCA) with the technical and financial support fromPLAN International/ADB

2) Mondulkiri Resource and Documentation Centre (MRDC) in partnership with the Henrich Boll Foundation. Join us on Facebook

3) Implementation of Social Accountability (I-SAF) in partnership with the CARE International. Join us on Facebook

4) Equity Project under budget with CIAI. Join us on Facebook

5) Its community ecotourism project based in Dak Dam commune. Join us on Facebook  and visit our website.

The MIPAD Federation, at the end of 2015, consisted of 15 Self-Help Groups (SHGs), or participating communities – 4 formed originally from the UNESCO/ILO project;  7 through the Kadoorie Charitable Foundation project, and a further 8 through USAID/Winrock Foundation (4 new groups and 4 mixed with KCF).

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