ciya-logo3Cambodia Indigenous Youth Association (CIYA) was established by a group of Cambodian Indigenous Students in Phnom Penh in 2005 and was officially recognized by the Royal Government of Cambodia in 2008 with support from Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF). It is the first organization established for indigenous youth and the third indigenous organization established in Cambodia. The original purpose of the development of CIYA was to mobilize indigenous youth  as a strong group in which the members could help  support each other by acting as a social network in the city, as well as to build their capacity towards working as  indigenous community development workers in the future. As the number of indigenous students in Phnom Penh increase, the members of CIYA also increase which also expands out to the provinces, particularly in North and Northeast Cambodia.  CIYA has more than 100 members, approximately 30 of which   are involved in all CIYA activities and the remainders are based and work in the provincial areas.

In partnership with CIYA, from Oct-Dec 2013, MRDC receive a grant to continue its mission.

The two main objectives of this first three months period were:

  • To review our project strategic framework. To do so, we organize a workshop involving all stakeholders from the province including representatives from communities, line departments, and NGOs, and CIYA members.
  • To prepare new internal organization which involves mobilizing volunteers, recruiting new staff and organizing a new location and reviewing materials for the center.

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