Bunong Fabric Pattern Designs

With the Bunong fabric weaving, they also have their own pattern and they represent different symbols and meaning. Those patterns are:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Archery fire
  3. Bow
  4. Gaud fruit
  5. Human
  6. Tiger nose
  7. Python
  8. Cucumber seed
  9. Dove
  10. Arrow
  11. Bunong bamboo basket
  12. Snake
  13. Mountain
  14. Spider net
  15. Caterpillar
  16. River
  17. People carry each other hands and walk
  18. Car road
  19. Caterpillar’s eyes
  20. Hook
  21. Water beetle
  22. Wasp
  23. Dengue Mosquito
  24. Tiger canine
  25. Tree
  26. Waterfall
  27. Wild animal
  28. River bank
  29. Jewel Beetles
  30. Mortar
  31. Pumpkin
  32. Rice seed
  33. Rabbit

Click here to see our posters of Traditional Bunong Weaving and Patterns

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