Bunong Small Silk Sarong (it is called Yoss Chi in Bunong language)


The Silk Sarong (in Bunong called Yoss Chi) is normally a mix of black and red colors and its patterns are humans, trees, mountains, buffalos, cows and pythons. There are three sizes of the Silk Sarong, they are 50x200cm, 60x200cm, 70x200cm. To weave a Silk Sarong, it takes the Bunong people 90 days. But, normally they will spend 1 year and 3 months to make a Silk Sarong.  It is used in the wedding ceremony like the Sarong. And it is used as a souvenir and gift small Yoss can be exchanged for a big buffalo and a Raloung Jar.

Click here to see our posters of Traditional Bunong Weaving and Patterns

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