Bunong Musical Instrument: Mapoartt

Mapoartt is produced from 6 bamboo stems which have a diameter of 1.5 centimeter and a length from 30-50 centimeters, and a long-necked gourd. Mapoartt can be played by one person and it can be played anywhere and at anytime. It is not required to perform a ceremony before using this instrument. It is used when people are free from their work especially for entertainment purposes and to sing a lullaby for a baby (when they are put down to sleep). This instrument can be played in order to call from one home to another home, to ask how their neighbors are doing or to invite their neighbors to drink jar wine, if people know how to play it well. If it is blown in the morning, it means that they wake their children up to cook rice and food. So this instrument is blown for entertainment only because in the past we didn’t have modern speakers like in recent days. Not many of these instruments still exist and there are not many people who know how to use​ them or make them because people don’t like to use them and they prefer the modern musical instruments.

Mapoartt can be played for one melody. It is called “entertainment.”

Click here to listen to the music of Mapoartt 

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