Traditional Bunong Weaving and Patterns

Traditional Bunong Weaving and Patterns is a heritage handed down for generations from our Bunong ancestors. The tradition of weaving and patterns is a part of Bunong cultural and traditional identity. The products from weaving can be used by the family and the products can also be very helpful when sold in the market to promote their livelihood.  The weaving can be worked on after farm duties are completed. Normally, women are responsible for the weaving task.

The weaving products can be designed in different patterns and produced as scarfs, blankets, Sarong (in Bunong called Nass), Silk Sarongs (in Bunong called Yoss), blouses, handkerchiefs, pants and bags. Some products are used for a particular ceremony. The way to weave it is quite similar and it really depends on the size of the weaving products required as mentioned above. The time required to weave each product depends on their size.

The original colors used by the Bunong are red, black and white. Black color is taken from the bark of a black tree. If they cannot get the black tree bark, they can use the bark of Careya sphaerica instead. Red color is collected from En Pen flower. Yarn is made from the cotton trees.

Click here to see our posters of Traditional Bunong Weaving and Patterns

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