Bunong Story Telling: Ms. Mom Pya


My name is Pyai Time, I am a Bunong woman and I am 40-years-old. I live in group 5, Lames village, Busra commune, Pichreada district.  I have been living in this village since 1986, around 30 years now. This village is located around 40km from the Senmonorom’s buffalo roundabout of Mondulkiri province by traveling along the national road number 76.

I know this story from my older sister. This story is a Bunong’s story and it has been told since a long time ago. The story is as follows:

Once upon a time, there was a lady named Ms. Mom Pya. She was a beautiful lady in her village. Many men, including a man named Mr. Kvai who had ringworm (deceased), fell in love with her and wanted to marry her.

One day, the elders in village organized a competition event of fruit stoning for the men who wanted to marry her. The rule for this competition was set that: if there is a man who can stone the fruit from a particular distance, he will be allowed to marry Ms. Mom Pya.

All the men tried to stone the fruit, but couldn’t do it. The next moment the ringworm man showed up and tried to stone the fruit too.  Luckily, he got it. Ms. Mom Pya was very upset and disappointed to see that. Suddenly, she took a small tree branch and intentionally beat him. Mr. Kvai was seriously injured and he did not know why he was beaten. Then, the event was closed, sadly.

After this, Ms. Mom Pya went to take a bath at a river. She sat down on a rock while she was taking her bath. Mr. Kvai was very mad with Ms. Mom Pya so he used his magic to make her stick on that rock. Ms. Mom Pya then couldn’t stand up. She cried loudly and asked for help from everybody. It was useless; no-one could help her.  During that time someone advised her that only Mr. Kvai could help her. So, Ms. Mom Pya tried asking for help from Mr. Kvai. She beseeched Mr. Kvai, “Please help me get away from this rock, Mr. Kvai.” But he ignored her request and replied, “I won’t help you. You will beat me again if I help you.”  Ms. Mom Pya still begged him to help her by promising him she would marry him without fall if he helped her.  Mr. Kvai thought about this promise for a while. He loved her and also felt pity for her so he decided to free her by using his magic. Then, Mr. Kvai married Ms. Mom Pya and they had children and they lived together happily ever after.

At the end, I would like to suggest that you please compile and document the story telling of Bunong and translate them in Khmer and write them in Bunong language also.

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