Bunong Story Telling: A Story Telling about Krang Tes Commune


Mr. Chev Tev, the story teller of Krang Tes commune

My name is Chev Tev, I am a Bunong man and I am 50-years-old. I am living in Pou Rapet village, Krang Tes commune, Pichreada district, Mondulkiri.  This village is located around 30km from the Senmonorom’s buffalo roundabout of Mondulkiri province and by traveling along the national road number 76.

I know a story about the history of the Krang Tes commune. I heard it from my father and grandparents. Krang Tes is a Bunong name which means “thick forest.” Krang Tes commune comes from the word “Krang Tes” and it was named by the Bunong people.  The history of its name is as follows:

In the past, people didn’t have fixed or real habitat; they settled anywhere along the riverside or around the mountain valley areas. There was no- one living in this commune area during that time.  Then, in the last 80-90 years, there was a group of elders and grandparents who didn’t have a real habitat and who always moved around. One day they arrived in this commune territory. They found that it was a big and thick forest area. It stretched out from Tram Kach village until Kbal Damrey village. When they saw this good location, they decided to collect their families and relatives and move to this area in order to do their rice and corn plantations. Because it was a thick forest zone, they named it Krang Tes forest. It has belonged to the Krang Tes community up until present day.

As it is a thick forest area, people were able to have small and simple different subsistence such as rice or other plantations. From this uncomplicated business, they could easily make a living and develop their livelihood very well.

There are other villages that are included in this commune- Pou Rapet, Kbal Damrey, Tram Kach, and Banh Yao (shoot tiger).


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