Traditional Bunong Wedding: Step 6 of Normal Wedding Ceremony

Step 6: Distributing Sausages

IMG_5771This step is conducted on the 3rd day of the wedding ceremony and must include a bamboo basket of sticky rice, 1 jar of wine, 1 blanket, plates/bowls and thread. During this stage the village leaders, elders and parents from both sides make arrangements for the post wedding party at the groom’s parent’s house. It is also an event in which goodbyes are said as the groom’s family leaves the bride’s house and go back home. Parents of both sides are a given a piece of sausage, liver and intestine of the buffalo and one serving of sticky rice while others are only given a piece of sausage and sticky rice, although they can be given extra liver or intestine if this is not felt to be enough. This is a particularly happy time as people can sit down and fully eat their fill and enjoy drinks; as of late, some Bunong people choose not to organize this part of the event but if they do then sausage must be used.

Click here to see whole pdf file from our Bunong Wedding Posters

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