Traditional Bunong Wedding: Step 3 of Normal Wedding Ceremony (to be continued)

IMG_5708Step 3: Tabooing and Passing Souvenirs

This event is known as the one in which there exists a taboo of touching and calling the names of the couple’s new-relatives-in-law; here the groom and bride are required to hand souvenirs to their parents and their new relatives one by one. As they do this, the elders will give advice the groom and the bride to be. 1-2 boiled IMG_5698chickens, 1 jar of rice wine, 2 plates or bowls and balls of sticky rice are used in the course of this event. Only the groom, bride, parents, older relatives and village headman are allowed to participate in this event. No-one younger than the groom and bride are allowed to be present; if this rule is not respected, then they will incur misfortunes that put them at risk of becoming sick or falling victim to bad luck. If they do fail to take heed of this, then the couple is punished by having to pay a jar of wine and/or a pig in order to cleanse themselves of sin.IMG_5686

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