Traditional Bunong Wedding: Step 7 of Katis Wedding Ceremony (to be continued)

IMG_6176Step 7: Praying and Asking for Prosperity and Making Apology Home by Home

This is a stage in which the groom and bride go praying and apologizing to the homes of everyone who went to their wedding in house by house, as well as in their kitchen, rice, rice stockpiles and wells. This must be done soon after finishing the first six steps of the wedding; buffalo blood is used to accomplish this. The couple pray to ask for the

IMG_6177 1health, prosperity, good luck of those whose houses they visit and for misfortune, illness and natural disasters not to strike their village; this also ensures that if in future any of these things do happen, then it was not because of the couple.



Click here to see whole pdf file from our Bunong Wedding Posters

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