Traditional Bunong Wedding: Step 2 of Katis Wedding Ceremony (to be continued)

IMG_3880Step 2: Sacrificing Animals at Forest

This is a stage that is of the utmost importance and cannot be omitted in the ceremonies that require it because it is here that steps are taken to request the prosperity and good health of the community and to stave off misfortune. It takes place in the forest and nearby a river because it is necessary for the bad luck that emerges from the Katis pairing to be dropped into the flowing water in order to get rid of it. If this is not performed then the couple could face great misfortune and expenditure in the future as they will blamed for any death or sickness that happens in the village for bringing their bad luck onto the community; the families that organized the wedding will be held responsible and liable to pay the victim’s family whatever they demand such as: money, cows, buffaloes, elephants, support in organizing the victim’s funeral or even enslavement for a period from ten, twenty or even a lifetime of indentured service. The families involved are not likely to complain to the police or other authorities in this situation as they are obliged to follow the traditional Bunong path in these circumstances.

IMG_6049The participants are required to kill dogs, goats, pigs, ducks and chickens and to use the blood from these animals to make sacrifices to the spirits that comprise and suffuse the forest. They pray to avoid dangers such as lightening, disease and bad luck arriving in the village; the participants seek forgiveness from the spirits that comprise the water, soil, sky and stars as it is these that can cause poisoning, sickness and lightening. Lightening is the most feared threat, followed by that of blindness, diarrhea, polio and stomach disease as these come from water and soil spirits.

DSC_0237Click here to see whole pdf file from our Bunong Wedding Posters

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