Traditional Bunong Wedding: Step 1 of Katis Wedding Ceremony (to be continued)

DSC_0108Step 1: Meeting and Discussion

The first step of this ceremony is the presentation of gifts by the grooms’ family to that of the bride; these are the animals that will be sacrificed in the stages taking place in the forest (if the wedding is ultra or strong katis) and the ones that will take place in the village.

IMG_3715The grooms’ family arrive at the bride’s house in the early morning with 1 jar of Bunong rice wine, 1 chicken, 1 scarf, rice, candle and a knife in order to verify that they will later bring the cow, buffalo, goats, jars, chickens and money that will be used in the wedding later.

IMG_3648As they do this the bride’s family welcomes them by splashing water on them and use chicken blood to pray their good health and introduce the groom’s family to the spirits of their ancestors, water and soil. Then the bride’s family hand one jar of wine to that of the groom in order to confirm that they recognize and accept their new relatives and the material and animal gifts they have brought. After that is discussion that focuses on the animals to be sacrificed in the forest (if this extra stage is required) and in the village; after this they go to drink, play gongs and dance together.

DSC_0122Click here to see whole pdf file from our Bunong Wedding Posters

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