Traditional Bunong Wedding: Katis Wedding Ceremony (to be continued)

DSC_0224Katis Wedding Ceremony

A Katis wedding ceremony is one which the pairing of the wife and groom would not be considered permissible by traditional Bunong standards and the couple’s elders do not encourage them to marry: these include the pairing of close relatives and marrying someone who is known to be descended from a sorcerer; in the former case there are stronger and weaker gradations of the ceremony to adjust for the closeness or distance of the relatives involved. However, although Katis weddings do make it possible (through enacting extra stages in the ceremony) for somewhat close relatives to marry there are still some hypothetical pairings which would be considered not permissible and out of bounds; these include the marriage of a parent to their child or a brother to his sister. In these cases those involved would either be punished by death or banished to live out the rest of their lives in the forest for their misdeeds.

DSC_0196There are 5 different versions of the Katis wedding:

  • Ultra strong Katis
  • Strong Katis
  • Somewhat strong Katis
  • Medium Katis
  • Low Katis

Ultra strong and strong Katis weddings are differentiated from the other types as in these cases, the ceremony must include an event that takes place far from the village in the forest near a river with flowing water. In the case of somewhat strong Katis, medium Katis and low Katis ceremonies fewer animals are required to be sacrificed over the course of the ceremony; in general however, Katis weddings tend to end up being more expensive than Khmer ones due to the amount of sacrifices that need to be performed. Generally speaking, there are 8 steps to the Katis wedding ceremony.

DSC_0229Click here to see whole pdf file from our Bunong Wedding Posters

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