Bunong Story Telling: Yok Trach Tray (1)

IMG_0419The story of the mountain of Trach and Tray

My name is Kraut Phon. I am 57 years old and I am Bunong. I was born in Pou Chhorb village, Dak Dam commune, O Raing district, Mondul Kiri. Now, I am living at Phou Yam village, Monorom commune, O Raing district; I moved here 13 years ago. I have known the story of this mountain from my grandparents and I always tell the story to the young people. So let me tell you the story. One upon a time, this mountain had no name and there was couple-Tray and Tray- living on that mountain. Unfortunately one day, there was solar eclipse and so the couple became stones. Since that time, that mountain was called Trach grandma and Tray granddad and then changed to Trach Tray Mountain. Their flat basket can still be found there today; it was at the other side of O Te river. When we take a look at the bottom of this mountain, we will see one waterfall called Traung, at the left side we will see Povoang water fall, at the right side we will see O Te and at the up side we will see Ra Maloung waterfall aka RumineaII waterfall. I am not sure that the Trach Tray Mountain was sold to the company or what.

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