Well of Love Mountain (2)

IMG_0400Well of Love Mountain (Andongsne)

My name is Chham Ky, Bunong, 60-year-old. I was born in Pou Treng village, Dak Dam commune, Oraing district, Mondul Kiri province and that’s where I live today. I know the story of this mountain from my grandparents and I usually tell this story to my relatives as well as to other people. My grandparents told me that if we are lucky we will see the water in the Troub Jikuon Mountain; and if you put your clothes into that water you will become a pretty or handsome person. Especially for an unbeautiful girl, who has no man love her, she would become an attractive woman after using that water. Everyone is falling in love with her, even if she moves to the deep forest, men still go to find her and love her. For instance, there was a couple, which was in dept. Therefore, the husband asked his wife to touch the water. He knew about the power of the water and that everybody will fall in love with his wife and will ask to have sex with her. After his wife touched the water, many men fell in love with her and from time to time, they came to visit, especially at the night, and had sex with her. Those were the moments the husband was waiting for as he could penalize these guys because they had sex with wife. After penalizing all these men he earned a lot of property – cows, buffalos, jars – and he was able to repay his depts. In sum up, the Toub Jikoun Mountain is not a good place for people; they always get into trouble and people cannot become rich because of this mountain. At the end, I’d like to leave a message for the young generation that they should learn and know about the histories of each place in order to preserve those histories.

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