Kov Pou Mlong Tout Stone (1)

DSC_1362My name is Seum Troung. I am 81 years old and I am Bunong. My place of birth is Pou Chhab village, Dak Dam commune, O’Raing district, Mondulkiri province and I am living here since I was born. I know the story of this stone from my grandparents and I usually tell it to young people as well. Lokta Kov Poumlong Tout Stone is a stone, which is located on a mountain near Pou Chhab village, Dak Dam commune, O’Raing district, Mondulkiri province.

You need to spend around 20 minutes riding a motorbike from the town of Dak Dam to get to that stone. Nowadays, this mountain belongs to a private company. They built a fence around it and it is not easy to go and see that mountain. The story is as follows: Once upon a time, this stone has been named Lokta Kov Poumlong Tout. The tale said that there was grandfather Kov Poumlong Tout who was an ordinary, pleasant and modest guy. Whenever there was a party and a ceremony in the village, the grandfather always poured the jar wine for everybody during the drinking event. One day, the grandfather was feeding a few buffalos. He was very good at raising his cattle. Day after day, his number of buffalos increased quickly and unexpectedly up to over one hundred buffalos and he was the only man in the village whit so many buffalos. Every day, the grandfather went with his dogs to look after his buffalos. One day, when he was grazing his buffalos, he heard the sound of his dogs barking. He went to the place where the dogs barked

but he saw nothing except a stone. In the evening, he returned home as usual. The next day, the grandfather went again to the same place to watch over his buffalos. At the moment he arrived at the place, his dogs were barking again, so he immediately followed the dogs. Again he saw nothing aside from a stone. When the sun set down, the old guy walked his buffalos home. The next day the sun was rising and it was the 3rd morning of an incredible experience; the grandfather went to graze his buffalos once again and after he reached the grazing grounds, the dogs were barking at the stone for a second time. Grandfather was wondering why his dogs barked at this stone again and again. He asked himself: “Is it possible that a spirit might stay in this stone?” After this sudden inspiration grandfather started praying for the stone with a cigarette: “If there is a spirit living in this stone and if you want to tell me something, please don’t hesitate to notify me.” After that, he returned home, took a bath, yawned and felt unusually sleepy. So he went to bed. While he was asleep, he was dreaming that a person came and spoke to him: “If you love me you must kill a buffalo that has a 60 cm long horn. You must eat all of its

meat. If you can fulfill this task, you will become rich, including your children and grandchildren.” When he woke up from sleeping, he didn’t think about his dream. But for the next seven nights, he always had the same dream when he was sleeping. So, after waking up from the same dream after the seventh night, he started to believe that his dream was real. He decided to kill one buffalo with a 60 cm long horn and cut open all of the buffalo meat and put it into his bamboo basket but he threw away the bones and skin. Next, he boiled the meat and after it was cooked he took it out of the water. As night time turned up, grandfather went to sleep and had a dream that a person came and talked to him: “You have to use your right hand for opening

the door of your buffalos’ stable and use your left hand for eating his meat.” After he got up in the morning, he did as he was told in the dream. Unfortunately, he could not eat all the buffalo meat and more than seven pieces of meat were left over. Hence he had a dream again the following night. In his dream, the same person talked to him again: “Now you have killed one buffalo for me but you didn’t eat all of its meat. As a result, you are going to be a wealthy man but your children and grandchildren won’t be.” Moreover, the man in the dream told grandfather Kov Poumlong Tout to take that stone home and to put it in front of the house to protect from enemies and bad spirits and in exchange he will be lucky and prosperous. He was following the dream as soon as he got up. He became a rich person with lots of gongs, Raloung jars, cows, buffalos, elephants, etc. Since that time, all people respected and considered that stone as a divinity. After grandfather Kov Poumlong Tout died, the villagers named the stone Lokta Thamor (stone statue) Kov Poumlong Tout and this name was being called upon until today.

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