Well of Love Mountain (1)

IMG_0400Well of Love Mountain (Andongsne)

My name is Troung Seum, Bunong, 80-year-old. I was born in Pou Chhab village, Dak Dam commune, Oraing district, Mondul Kiri province. I have been living here for eighty years. I know the history of this mountain from my grandparents and I usually tell it to my grandchildren and other kids in the village. Let me I tell you the story. Once upon a time, the mountain was called Troungjikuong or Youkkorng (in Bunong language). Now it is called Andong Sne Mountain. At that time the well has water as small as the palm of a hand. People would face a big problem when the water directly touched their body or skin. For example, if you clean your face or take a bath with that water, everybody will fall in love with you – single person, spouse and any other people. They will line up and wait to make love with you. And it will cause a problem to you because their family will ask you for compensation. It will be like this again and again until the end of your life. Otherwise, if people just put the clothes into that water it is better because they can take off these clothes and throw them away, in case they want to stop other people falling in love with them. So they will be fine. That’s all the story of the Andongsne Mountain.


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