O Ply River

DSC_6190My name is Ko Peuk. I am 80 years old and I am Bunong. I was born in Pou Radet village, Sre Ampoum commune, Pich Chreada district, Mondul Kiri province.I have been living here for 80 years.

I heard the story of this river from my grandparents and I tell it to the young people as well. The story is as follows: Once upon a time, O Ply was named Brab Tov Ply. Hundreds of years ago, a god had appeared as a person and it was a very dangerous place and taboo to go there. People could not even pick the tree leaves there; if they pick them, they would get sick or die. It has been a long time ago, that it became a river. Some animals called Na Touch lived there. The starting point of this river is near Camp le Rolland (near Dak Dam) and it is more taboo there. There was a big and tall Ang Konh tree and the​ spring water of the size of a big house was running through under that tree. If we put our hand in that spring water and we get rice husk, we will produce rice. If we put our hand in the spring and we get bamboo leaves, we will receive an elephant. But if we put our hand in and get the excrement of an elephant, we will get only that excrement. If we get wild potato (Kduoch), we will get nothing. Furthermore O Ply has many small rivers as children – O Poos, O Balang, O Pol, O Red, O Sael, O Touy, O Tam and etc,. One day all the rivers above wanted to make a flow competition. They wanted to know who can flow the fastest and reach the O Kraul river first. O Kraul was their village and their parents or grandparents. O Ply had prepared a lot of bamboo pots, plenty of rice and water for the attendants of the competition. O Ply walked without stopping and sleeping because it was afraid of loosing the game. At the end, O Ply won the game. It had reached and crossed the O Kraul river first and then turned back to flow in the same direction as the O Kraul river. O Pol, O Hoch and O Te came later.

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