Story telling about Ralomtoutil Mountain

DSC_0042My name is Tout Nhoeunh. I am 80 years old and I am Bunong. My place of birth is village 5, Bou Sra commune, Pichreada district, Mondulkiri province and I am living here since 80 years, since I was born. I know the story of this mountain from my uncle and my grandparents and I usually tell it to young people as well. Let me tell you the story of this mountain: Ralom Toutil Mountain has a big square on top where many small and big trees are growing. Its shape is almost the same like other mountains but it is a bit different because it looks like it has lost one part of its body.

You will understand what happened to this mountain when you listen to my story. This mountain is located at the border of Pichreada and O Raing district. You have to spend at least 1 hour and 30 minutes riding a motorbike from the town of Dak Dam if you want to visit that mountain. The story is as follows:

Once upon a time, this mountain was called Ralom Toutil. At that time grandmother and grandfather named Ouvtra and Vatroen lived at Nam Lyr mountain where they always grazed their cattle and buffalos. One day, there was hardly any grass left on Nam Lyr Mountain for their animal to eat, so they decided to find another place. Finally they reached a mountain that was very pleasant for their animal, and this was Ralom Toutil Mountain. One day, when they went with their animals to Ralom Toutil Mountain, grandfather Vatroen made a fire to cook rice. While the fire was burning, he saw fat appearing from the soil. When he saw that, he was wondering, why is there fat coming out of the land like this? He cut off a part of the soil and saw meat underneath it. He ate the meat and realized that it was very tasty. In the evening he returned home as usual. The next day, he persuaded his grandchildren to go with him to the Ralom Toutil Mountain and they took some small and big bamboo baskets to carry the meat. Everyday, he went to cut meat from that mountain, brought home some parts and kept it for food. He cut and cut everyday and until one day he got to the lung and liver of the mountain. At that time there were as well many Cheang and Yang people who came to Ralom Toutil Mountain to cut some meat. Because there were too many people cutting its meat, Ralom Toutil Mountain passed away. The husband of Ralom Toutil Mountain felt very scared when he saw that and he immediately ran away from that place. As a result, one part of that mountain became hollow; it seems like one part of it fell down. Because people took one part of it and the other part was her husband who ran away, the mountain has now this very particular shape. Hence, the mountain was called Ralom Toutil Mountain in Bunong language, which means Toutil Hollow Mountain in Khmer language.

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