Story about Kbal Preah Waterfall

laeng bu prah water fallKbal Preah Waterfall

My name is Mareng Theng. I am 70 years old and I am Bunong. Currently, I live in Pou Tang village, Rommanea commune, Sen Monorom town and I live here since I was born. I heard the story of this waterfall from my parents and my grandparents and I tell it to the young people as well. The story is as follows:

Kbal Preah waterfall has been known since our ancestors’ generation. During that time there was an old Bunong man named Pou Klang Yeut who had a grey elephant. One time, he had dreamed that he met with Kbal Preah waterfall. In that dream, Kbal Preah waterfall asked him: “What do you think if I want to make friends with you?”, and the old man replied “Yes, I would like to be your friend.” Furthermore, Kbal Preah waterfall asked to change his white elephant with the old guy’s. Again, the old guy agreed with the waterfall because he knows that the white elephant is a lucky animal; it can bring him luck, properties, good health, etc,. So then, the waterfall requested the old man to come to meet him at Kbal Preah waterfall for seven days.

laeng bu prah water fall

After awaking from the dream, Pou Klang Yeut went to meet Kbal Preah waterfall regularly for six days in a row. Mrs. Pou Klay Ay, the wife of the old man, felt very strange and upset to see that her husband always went out for the full day. She suspected that her husband might have a secret love affair with another girl. On the seventh meeting day between Pou Klang Yeut and Kbal Preah waterfall she decided to follow her husband in order to investigate where he was going. The white elephant was eating grass at the upper side of the Kbal Preah waterfall while the two friends were talking. Mrs. Pou Klay Ay arrived at exactly that point when the Kbal Preah waterfall was ready to change his white elephant with Mr. Pou Klang Yeut’s. But because of her arrival, Kbal Preah waterfall changed his mind and stopped the exchange of the elephant. He said: “I wanted to change the elephant with you, the elephant will bring you luck, Ra Loung jar and gongs, but I now I change my mind because your wife interrupted us.” Then Kbal Preah waterfall blessed Mr. Pou Klang Yeut: “Either for you or for your relatives, I will give you deers, pig, cow and sheep.” Furthermore, O Ply River’s son got married with Kbal Preah Water’s daughter there. If we look at this waterfall, on the left side is Kbal Preah water and the right side is O Ply River. The right river is very taboo.

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